Headkrack in-studio with Heidi and Frank of KLOS Los Angeles

On a recent trip to LA I checked in with my Dish Nation homies Hedi & Frank to talk the origins of my name and a bunch of other randoms. Check it out!

James Franco & Seth Rogen Recreate Kanyes West “Bound 2″

Franco and Seth Rogen apperently were bored on set of #TheInterview and decided to mimic Kanye West – Bound 2 music video. It’s uncomfortable and funny at the same time.

Bodega Brovas live on “Wake Up Show Unplugged”

On Saturday sept 21st, Sway and King Tech invited a few of their musician friends, some new talented M.Cs, along with a few vets to rock the mics of the Wake Up Show..
The result was Wake UP Show Un-Plugged. The Musicians had never met, rehearsed or practice together. Everything was done On The Fly. Me and Bodega got the call, above is the result.

Headkrack sits down with “When We Speak TV”

I’ve been doing a lot of interviews as of late. This is one of my favorites.

THE WAIT IS OVER! Headkrack / Bodega Brovas #BelieveIn Bodega #DatPiff


Me and my team been putting in work! I leaked this awhile back but OFFICIALLY I announce the first wave of the ‪#‎BelieveInBodega‬ campaign. Our new EP#BelieveInBodega. My group has always taken a different approach to music that other. We are very viral and organic and feel that our motives behind our music is in the right place. It’s not about money, God got a bigger plan in the long run for us, I beleive it. Anyways our love offering to YOU is our latest project for ‪#‎Free‬. All we ask is you download it, listen to it, and share with as many people you’d think would benefit from hearing our music. From our hearts to your ears we present……..#BelieveInBodega . Direct Download here>>>http://www.hulkshare.com/playlist/95193

The Bodega Brovas / Headkrack “Steve Buschemi”

It’s been a minute but me and the crew been in the lab cooking up so much material that we could all die and still continue to drop joints for 3 years easily. #Morbid. Anyways #BelieveinBodega


Last week a photo popped up that had many people scratching their heads. A 1939 photo showcases a man who looks eerily like Hov. Adenike Olanrewaju of the New York Public Library says “We’re 100 percent certain it’s legitimate,”

HeadKrack’s Rap of the Week feat. Justin Bieber, Reese Witherspoon, Kirstey Alley and More

A little fun in the studio rhyming about Kanye and Kim, Justin Bieber, Kirstie Alley’s Twitter war with “Dish Nation” and more!

Headkrack (of the Bodega Brovas) WHPK Freestyle

On a recent recent to Chicago I stopped by WHPK to holla at my dude DJ Taigo , DJ Phonz and Mario to hear some hip hop. That turned into a 10 minute freestyle and a awesome interview. Shout out to the homies. I’ll admit, the first 2 min was a warm up for me.