MICHAEL VICK has signed a two-year deal with the Philadelphia Eagles, worth about $6.8 million. It’ll be announced at a press conference this morning.

Exactly how Vick will fit in with the Eagles offense is unclear. Everybody’s being pretty vague about it at the moment.

But Eagles quarterback DONOVAN MCNABB who has a somewhat close relationship with Vick described the signing as, quote, “adding another weapon to the offense.”

He also claims he LOBBIED for the Eagles to sign Vick.

Head coach ANDY REID was also quick to deny there would be a, quote, “quarterback controversy” this coming season.

And although he didn’t offer any specifics on how Vick would be used either, he seemed to be pretty adamant that whatever he does, it’ll be from the position of quarterback.

The Eagles already have a solid backup QB for McNabb in KEVIN KOLB. He strained a knee ligament earlier this week, but he’s expected to be back on the field next week.

Vick hasn’t played professional football since 2006. In August of 2007, he was convicted of running a dogfighting operation in Virginia. He did time in prison and under home confinement, and finally walked free on July 20th.

Vick can immediately start practicing and attending meetings with the Eagles but he can’t play for them until the final two preseason games.

Once the season begins, Vick can participate in all team activities EXCEPT GAMES. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is expected to reinstate him by around Week 6 or earlier, if all goes well.

Not surprisingly, PETA isn’t happy about this. Here’s their statement quote, “PETA and millions of decent football fans around the world are disappointed that the Eagles decided to sign a guy who hung dogs from trees.

“He electrocuted them with jumper cables and held them under water. You have to wonder what sort of message this sends to young fans who care about animals and don’t want them to be harmed.”

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MIKE TYSON spoke with “Entertainment Tonight” about the death of his 4-year-old daughter Exodus.

Exodus died back in May, after accidentally hanging herself with the power cord of a treadmill. At the time, she was in the care of her mother, whom Tyson was no longer involved with.

He said, quote, “I am working with dealing with it. I have spoken to a lot of people. I have become a member of an exclusive club no one wants to join. I have been told the pain never stops but you get over it.

“I am going through a process, trying to heal. I am in denial, because I don’t know how to handle it. I don’t know what to do or say. I appreciate everybody who supported me.”

One way he’s dealing with it is by ACTING. Recently, Tyson had a cameo in “The Hangover” and he filmed a guest appearance on the upcoming Fox sitcom, “Brothers”, starring MICHAEL STRAHAN.

He says, quote, “I really was beating myself up over my daughter. I was staying in the house, depressed. It was a dark moment in my life. This keeps me functioning as a healthy human being.”


The SUMMER OF DEATH continues to roll on. Since June, we’ve lost . . .





(Director) JOHN HUGHES



(Legendary Graf Artist) IZ THE WIZ




(Former NFL quarterback) STEVE MCNAIR

(“Angela’s Ashes” author) FRANK MCCOURT

Wiener king OSCAR G. MAYER, JR.

And, of course, GIDGET, the Taco Bell Chihuahua. (True!!! She died of a stroke. She was 15.)

There are more we could mention, but these 15 are the most universally-recognized names and frankly, aren’t they enough??? Apparently not because we have two more to add to the list….

LES PAUL: 1915 – 2009:

LES PAUL the original GUITAR HERO died yesterday of complications from pneumonia. He was 94 years old.

There’s no doubt that Les Paul revolutionized rock and roll. After all, he’s the man who invented the SOLID BODY ELECTRIC GUITAR, as well as multi-track recording.

Gibson Guitars first began production on the Les Paul guitar in 1952. It remains one of the most widely-used guitars in the world.

SLASH said, quote, “Les Paul was a shining example of how full one’s life can be; he was so vibrant and full of positive energy.”

JOHN QUADE: 1938 – 2009:  

Character actor JOHN QUADE died this past Sunday of natural causes. He was 71.

If you remember the ’70s and ’80s, then you probably remember John Quade. He was a rough-looking character who appeared in quite a few movies and TV shows.

He’s probably best known for his association with CLINT EASTWOOD. He starred in several of Clint’s movies, including “High Plains Drifter” and “The Outlaw Josey Wales”. He also played Sheriff Biggs in the miniseries “Roots”.

But he’s probably best known as Cholla, the leader of the idiotic biker gang, “The Black Widows”, in the Eastwood flick “Every Which Way But Loose” and its sequel, “Any Which Way You Can”.


TI “That’s How You Want It” Baby Momma Diss ….

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Kanye West is about to debut a short film based on his song “See You In My Nightmares.” The movie is called “We Were Once A Fairytale” (taken from a line in the song) and it reunites ‘Ye with filmmaker Spike Jonze, who directed the “Flashing Lights” video.

“Fairytale” runs about 15 minutes long and will debut on iTunes on September 8. The film was screened at the Los Angeles Film Festival back in June.

Kanye’s mini-movie has some weird things going on. It starts out with the rapper getting intoxicated in a club with a group of women.

He brings one of them home, starts getting freaky with her and then realizes that he’s actually doing his pillow! Then, ‘Ye starts throwing up rose petals – like the scene in “American Beauty.”

Next, Kanye grabs a knife and cuts into his hand, a rodent comes out of the wound, takes out a knife of its own and kill itself!



I don’t know a lot of the details, but Nas is releasing another album late in the fourth quarter through Def Jam.

I wonder what is going to become of that album that he was doing with the Marley member? I don’t know, but from what I understand, this is a solo album from Nas.

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There has been a long-running rumor that Beyonce is going to be playing a gay singer in a movie that would co-star Eva Longoria.

Beyonce is going to be in a movie called “Tipping The Velvet” where she will portray Kitty Butler, a lesbian.

The book of the same name came out in the 1800’s and it looks like the bizzarro Brokeback.

What is ill is they say that Beyonce and Eva will DEFINITELY have a sex scene.


SUGARLAND’S Walmart-exclusive CD/DVD package “Live on the Inside” debuted at #1 with 76,000 copies.  That also happens to be the lowest-selling chart debut EVER.

Meanwhile, the self-titled debut of GLORIANA came in at #3 with 44,000 copies.  They’re a country act that features 19-year-old Cheyenne Kimball.  She won “America’s Most Talented Kid” when she was 12 and later got her own MTV show, “Cheyenne”.

Here are the Top 10 albums in the country . . .

1.)  (NEW) “Live on the Inside”, Sugarland (76,000 copies)

2.) “Now That’s What I Call Music! 31″, Various Artists (45,000 copies)

3.)  (NEW) “Gloriana”, Gloriana (44,000 copies)

4.) “The E.N.D. (Energy Never Dies)”, Black Eyed Peas (44,000 copies)

5.) “Only By the Night”, Kings of Leon (44,000 copies)

6.) “Leave This Town”, Daughtry (44,000 copies)

8.)  (NEW) “Kidz Bop 16″, Kidz Bop Kids (38,000 copies)

9.) “Fearless”, Taylor Swift (37,000 copies)

10.) “Loso’s Way”, Fabolous (37,000 copies)


The “New York Times” has published an article claiming that PAULA ABDUL’S decision to leave “American Idol” wasn’t a whim or a negotiating tactic and that her frustration with the show was deeper than just money.

Sure, she reportedly wanted to more than TRIPLE her salary. She had been making around $3 million per season and we’ve heard she wanted to have that bumped to at least $10 million. But there was a reason for that.

A so-called “source close to Paula” says that Paula wanted to make up for an endorsement she lost in 2006 with an unnamed “major fashion label

Supposedly, Paula believed she lost the endorsement because of the persistent substance abuse rumors that resulted from her bizarre and erratic behavior on “Idol”.

And she didn’t feel the show did enough to back her up and shoot down those rumors.

The source says, quote, “She perceived that the incident had a negative impact on her career.” The “Times” also says she felt “undermined and disrespected for years.”

Paula and “Idol” may have been drifting apart for a while now. The “Times” says Paula initially told producers that she would not return unless they could agree on an extension before the end of this past season of “Idol”.

Obviously, that didn’t happen. In fact, as you may remember, in the middle of July, Paula’s manager publicly claimed that she had yet to even receive an offer.

The source adds, quote, “Paula didn’t place as much importance on remaining on the show as some other people did. She thinks there are a lot of opportunities out there for her, and she will be fine without that show.”

Maybe that was mutual. The “Times” quotes a “person close to the negotiations” saying: “A lot of people at Fox had mixed feelings about Paula. Some of the people who were having to deal with her on a day-to-day basis didn’t want her back.”

This is all well and good but you know MONEY is the bottom line. These “frustrations” are really just a result of “Idol” low-balling her.

Does anyone NOT think that if Paula was offered $10 million a year that she’d completely forget about all this or that if “Idol” really wanted her they’d give her a huge raise like they did for RYAN SEACREST and SIMON COWELL?

So what’s Paula’s next move???

There are reports that Paula spent Tuesday afternoon talking with ABC boss Stephen McPherson, who wants her to be a contestant on “Dancing with the Stars”.

For what it’s worth, TMZ claims she won’t be a guest judge on “Dancing”, because she, quote, “doesn’t get along” with judge CARRIE ANN INABA.

–There’s also talk that ABC is thinking about giving Paula her own show, but there aren’t any details on that. (–She’s also in talks to do a guest spot on “Ugly Betty”.)

“People” magazine says NBC is also interested in doing something with her although they didn’t provide any specifics.

And then there’s that speculation about Paula appearing on the fall season of Fox’s “So You Think You Can Dance”. Plus, there are reports that Paula has also received an offer from “AUSTRALIAN Idol”.

And Paula has posted a message on Twitter saying, quote, “I’ve got a busy week filled with network meetings. I’m looking forward to all the new projects up ahead.”

Of course, there are still a lot of people who believe she’ll eventually end up returning to “Idol” and you can count KELLY CLARKSON among them.

In a recent interview, she said, quote, “I totally think they’re doing that for drama. I know those producers they’re doing that for drama. She’s totally probably going to come back.” (Yes, that’s a “totally probably” guarantee from Kelly.)


A special message from Megan Fox about being yourself, no matter who tries to get in your way. (Not suitable for minors)