SavagesAaron Johnson from “Kick Ass” and Taylor Kitsch from “Friday Night Lights” go to war against a Mexican drug cartel that wants in on their marijuana business . . . and kidnaps the girl they’re BOTH dating.  She’s played by Blake Lively. . . . Salma Hayek runs the cartel, Benicio Del Toro is her enforcer, and John Travolta plays a corrupt DEA agent working both sides of the law.  It’s directed by Oliver Stone. The WatchBen Stiller, Vince Vaughn, Jonah Hill, and British comedian Richard Ayoade start a neighborhood watch so the four of them can get some MAN-TIME together, and then they accidentally uncover an alien plot to take over the world. See more movies after the click. BraveKelly Macdonald from “Nanny McPhee” plays Merida, a Scottish princess who asks a witch to change her fate . . . and gets her wish when her mom is transformed into a bear.  Billy Connolly and Emma Thompson play her parents . . . . . . and the lords of the land are voiced by Craig Ferguson, “Grey’s Anatomy” stud Kevin McKidd, and the guy who played Hagrid in the “Harry Potter’s” movies. —“Pixar Short Films Collection: Volume 2” . . . a collection of 12 short films that have run before Pixar’s features, including the most recent one “La Luna”. —2 Days in New York stars Chris Rock and French actress Julie Delpy as a couple whose relationship is tested when her family visits from Paris