As you have no doubt heard by now, pro wrestling legend RANDY “MACHO MAN” SAVAGE died in a car accident Friday in Tampa, Florida.  He was only 58 years old.

–Savage apparently suffered a heart attack behind the wheel, left the roadway and crashed head-on into a tree.  He died at a nearby hospital.  Savage’s wife Lynn was in the passenger seat.  She escaped with only minor injuries.

(–Randy and his wife had only been married a year.  Their anniversary was May 10th.)

–Both Savage and his wife were wearing their seatbelts.  Police say alcohol was NOT a factor.  It’s not clear whether it was the heart attack or the crash that killed Savage.  (–You can see video of the wreckage here.)

–Savage . . . who was born Randy Poffo . . . was the son of old-school rassler Angelo Poffo.  He was a minor league baseball player before breaking into wrestling in the early ’70s.

–His career skyrocketed when he joined the WWF in 1985 . . . where he was managed by his real-life wife MISS ELIZABETH.

(–They divorced in 1992, and Liz died of an accidental drug overdose in 2003, at the home of wrestler LEX LUGER . . . whom she was dating at the time.)

–Savage quickly became the top villain in the business, feuding with HULK HOGAN, then later becoming a good guy and teaming with him.

–Throughout his career, Savage held more than 20 titles, including both the WWF and WCW world heavyweight championships.

–His match against RICKY “THE DRAGON” STEAMBOAT at “Wrestlemania 3” in 1987 is still considered one of the greatest of all time.

–He also made some decent money doing Slim Jim commercials . . . (–Remember those?  SNAP INTO IT!  Here’s one of those classic clips, in which he also utters his most famous wrestling catchphrase, “Oh yeah!”.)

–Another CLASSIC Macho Man moment was when he actually allowed his own arm to be gnawed on by a de-venomized cobra in 1991, during his feud with JAKE “THE SNAKE” ROBERTS.

–Savage had been mostly inactive over the past 10 years or so . . . although he did surface briefly in TNA Wrestling in 2004.  He also played the wrestler “Bonesaw McGraw” in the original “Spider-Man” in 2002.