LIL WAYNE has four kids . . . all with different baby mamas.  (–And as you may know by now, three of them were born in the last year and a half.)

–But Antonia “Toya” Carter . . . a.k.a. Wayne’s ORIGINAL baby mama . . . says he’s lucky, because they all get along with each other.  And part of the reason that’s possible is because they’re not all trying to win Wayne back.

–Toya tells “Vibe” magazine, quote, “It’s not like I want Wayne.

–“Some of us are really over him.  We just put that to the side.  We having time with the kids with their daddy. The whole situation isn’t ideal so we just gotta make the best of it.  [It isn’t like] ‘Oh I don’t like having my kids around her?’  Nah.

–“He just lucked up to have baby mothers that are just not on no real ignorant stuff.”

(–For the record, Toya specifically mentioned being cool with LAUREN LONDON and NIVEA . . . the newest members of the Lil Wayne baby mama club.)

(–She did not mention the random college student who had Wayne’s second baby back in October of 2008.  Not much is known about her . . . and it’s unclear whether or not Toya has had much contact with her.)