DR. DRE has updated us on the status of his long-awaited album, “Detox” . . . and there’s STILL no date for its release.

He told ABC News, quote, “Hopefully, I’ll get it done at the end of this year, and we can hear it next year.”

Around this time last year, 50 CENT warned us to be prepared for the, quote, “three-headed monster”, which would be new albums by him, Eminem and Dre.

He said that all the albums would be coming out THIS year, and added, quote, “It’s a story actually . . . ‘Before I Self Destruct’, I’ll ‘Relapse’, then ‘Detox’.”

Well, Eminem released “Relapse” back in May . . . and has a sequel, “Relapse 2”, coming out before the end of the year. Although it doesn’t have a release date.

50’s “Before I Self-Destruct” is also up in the air . . . and I’m not sure I would even bet on “Detox” coming out anytime NEXT year.

So much for the “three-headed monster,” right?!!